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Attachment to Letter of the Attorney General to all DAs, police chiefs and sheriffs in California

Local Enforcement Policies  (Sept 2000)
-->(updates added by AAMC as we get them)

Ordinance and ID card system maintained by Chief of Police. Police allow 10 plants + 1/2 lb. dried marijuana

Butte Co
Sheriff and DA jointly stipulate: 6 plants - 3 mature/3 immature; or 1 pound dry material

Calaveras Co.
Board of Supervisors approved: 6 plants and 2 pounds.

Colusa Co.
No firm policy; case by case review; has permitted outdoors - 2 plants; or indoors - 4 plants; or 1.5 processed marijuana

El Dorado Co
Sheriff & DA joint policy: 6 plants; or 1 lb. in residence; or 1 oz. in vehicle

Humboldt Co.
10 plants or 2 lbs. processed marijuana, subject to caveat that amount must be consistent with medical need

Marin Co.
6 or fewer mature plants, or 12 immature plants; and/or 1/2 lb. dried marijuana

Mendocino Co.
Sheriff and DA policy: 6 mature plants; 12 immature plants; and/or 2 lbs. processed marijuana
--> (Mendo update NOW 25 raised because recreational law passed making 25 okay for ANY reason)

Nevada Co.
10 plants (not to yield more than 2 lbs); 2 lbs processed marijuana

Outdoors - 30 mature plants (60 if less than 30 are flowering); Indoors - 48 mature plants (+ 96 immature non-flowering) and/or 1.5 pounds or 6 pounds (if patient grew).
-->(Oakland update NOW 70 plants - # was dropped by Oakland city councle vote)

San Francisco
City ordinance established ID card system run by SF Health Department; no plant number guidelines.
-->(update San Francisco Police Department Chief Fred H. Lau - Department Bulletin 02/27/01"Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Act.". )

Santa Cruz (city)
No quantity guidelines; city ordinance regulates cannabis clubs, allows physician's diagnosis for recommendation.

Shasta Co.
Sheriff, DA and local police chiefs agree: outdoors - 2 plant; or indoors 6 plants (3 flowering/3 vegetative) or 1.33 lbs. processed marijuana

Sierra Co.
Outdoors - 3 plants; indoors - 6 plants; quantity in possession assessed for medical need as recommended by physician

Sonoma Co.
Protocol to review recommendations through Sonoma Medial Association; no quantity guidelines
---> (Sonoma update NOW 99 plants)

Tehama Co.
Sheriff"s policy: 18 immature plants; or 6 mature plants (Note: DA did not sign on)

Yuba Co.
Informal policy/individual case review; 5 plants or 1.5 lbs processed marijuana



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