2 Common Types of Medical Marijuana Strains

Biologically, the marijuana is specified to cure a series of medical conditions. The patients can draw the potential benefits from the use of common strains: Indica and Sativa. However, there is also a Hybrid strain that attempts to cross between different varieties of Indica and Sativa strains. The commercial buyers can buy these auto-flowering seeds for a better yield. Learn more about two important strains:

Indica Strain

The Cannabis Indica is considered an annual plant in the marijuana family. One of the putative species and is totally different from the Cannabis Sativa. There is a matter of debate on both the species. But don't you worry I am going to cover the extensive knowledge on Sativa strain as well. The Indica is usually cultivated because of the reason that plant fibers are converted into cloth. The users of medical marijuana experience different effective benefits. It is said that Indica strain can make you laugh. If that's true, what else you need in life than a good laugh! Well, an extensive research on that to verify the fact. However, it is well known in medical industry that Indica strains have positive effects on the human body. This strain attempts to produce sedated feelings in the patients. It is suggested that patients should use this strain at night time to draw potential benefits. The medical researchers have noted the below-mentioned therapeutic effects of Indica Strain:
  • Reduces stress and offer relaxation
  • Calm the muscles and spasms
  • Cure the chronic pain conditions
  • Lessen the inflammation, headaches, and migraines
  • Help restore the sleep
  • Lower down anxiety and depression
  • Restore the lost appetite
  • Lessen the post-surgery nausea
  • Diminish intra-ocular pressure
  • Control seizure frequency

Sativa Strain

The Cannabis Sativa is again an annual herbaceous flowering plant. The Sativas are mostly grown in the region of eastern Asia. But, marijuana producers from various parts of the world have started to harvest in high volume due to increased cosmopolitan distribution. The Sativa strain has been massively cultivated throughout the recorded history. This strain is not only used to extract medical benefits but also a great source of industrial fiber, food recreation, seed oil, spiritual moods, and religion. The researchers in the medical industry have quoted the primary effects of Sativa strain on individual's feelings and thought processes. It is preferred to use Sativa strain in daytime to extract the maximum benefits and experience the stimulation of quality feelings. The therapeutic effects from the use of this strain is mentioned below:
  • Stimulates the positive feelings
  • Energizes the human body and offer mental well-being
  • Increases the sense of creativity
  • Allow you to be more focused
  • Enhances the individual's creativity level
  • Provides instant mood lift
  • Reduces the depression
  • Controls nausea, headaches, migraines
  • Increases your appetite

However, there are a few side-effects of Sativa strain. If you attempt to use that for prolonged period, you will start feeling the anxiety and paranoia.

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