5 Facts You May not Know about Marijuana in Nevada

The sale of marijuana and its use is a very fragile topic that is quickly gaining ground worldwide. Divergent views arise every day concerning marijuana use. Nine states, notably Nevada, Colorado and Washington DC in the United States have legalized marijuana consumption both for medical and recreational purpose as of July 18th, 2018. Nevada conspicuously voted in November 2016 to formalize the use of marijuana within its jurisdiction. Some of the hidden facts crucial to know about marijuana in Nevada include:

1. There are limitations regarding marijuana indulgence

As of January 1st, 2017, both recreational and medical marijuana use were streamlined as being legal. However, there still stand to be various limitations regarding the use of marijuana in Nevada. Firstly, marijuana use for recreational purpose is limited to persons aged above 21 years. Use of marijuana among underaged person require thorough proof of medical necessity.

Secondly, marijuana should never be used in public places. Use of marijuana in public is considered as a non-violent crime and is punishable by authorities attracting a fine of not less than $600. Finally, driving while under influence of marijuana is prohibited in Nevada. Besides, operating machines that require coordination should be avoided after intake of THC.

2. There is restricted retail of marijuana

Even after legalization, marijuana still remains a very sensitive commodity with controlled availability and sales. A local weed dispensary sells marijuana to users after getting state and local approval. The permits are renewed occasionally and lack of compliance can lead to revocation of license. There are over 37 local weed dispensaries in Nevada where one can purchase a maximum of 1 ounce of marijuana. Marijuana transactions are exclusively cash-based and credit or debit cards are never accepted as banks will not take on accounts from marijuana companies.

3. Recreational marijuana is more expensive than medical marijuana

Taxation policies differ for recreational and medical marijuana. Marijuana intended for fun are usually highly taxed and approximately 32% of the price is directed towards taxes, this makes recreational weed to be extremely expensive. Some of these taxes are literally included in the retail price and often pass unnoticed. It is projected that prices for recreational pot will hit the highs of $80 for 1/8 ounce. These price variations are intended to curb the use of marijuana bearing in mind the side effects associated with prolonged use.

4. Transportation and possession of marijuana in Nevada

In a recent ruling, a judge declared that liquor distributors are the ones who should be entrusted with the responsibility of transporting weed from cultivation facilities to the dispensaries. However, the state has set regulation to help in seamless transportation of marijuana while ensuring proper packaging to meet WHO standards of consumables. The new law allows you to carry marijuana in your car but neither the driver nor the passengers can take marijuana in the car.

5. There is projected increase in edible marijuana products

The new law permits sales of brownies and gummies to locals and tourists. This is likely to gain popularity among tourists as it offers a more decent way of taking marijuana. However, Nevada laws ban companies from making edibles that resemble foodstuffs consumed by children such as gummy bears.

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