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The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis strongly encourages patients utilizing adjunctive therapy with medical cannabis to grow their own medicine. Our very address “letfreedomgrow” demonstrates our commitment to patient access to high quality, safe, affordable medicine.


Over exposed is a new AAMC feature. We are putting together a gallery of patient and caregiver photos to show everyone what cannabis medicine is really like.


Each week we’ll feature one (or two) photos submitted by patients/caregivers. Our panel of judges will evaluate the photos and a grand winner will be announced on April 20, 2003. The grand prize will remain a mystery until a winner is announced.


Patients and caregivers become extremely creative in growing medicine. A wide selection of varieties is available which can have distinctive medical properties. Folks often create new varieties to secure properties of different plants that work for them.


While some may say that growing is amateur pharmacology and amateur horticulture, many are quite sophisticated in their efforts.


In the shadow of prohibition many patients are creating new medicines of stunning effectiveness that lack many of the drawbacks of old time “pot”. Increasingly, cannabis medicine is delivered in smokeless form or when smoked is potent enough that only a puff or two is required.


What is truly striking about the photographs submitted is how beautiful cannabis plants and flowers can be. They exhibit remarkable variety.


The medical gardener is seeking to achieve specific medical results. A great deal of time and effort goes into a medical garden. Home gardening does not have to be expensive but the initial set up can be costly particularly when growing indoors with artificial lights. At the end of the day when harvest time approaches there is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that all the hard work has paid off in a medicine that will provide significant relief.


We at AAMC wish to celebrate our patient and caregiver efforts by highlighting their photos on our website. We encourage patients and caregivers to submit photos to national.director@letfreedomgrow.com for review. Please include the details of the strain or variety involved. Photos can be anonymous or pseudonyms may be employed. Please keep your photos to 50 K or less in size.


Some of us think that the beauty you’re going to see in our “Over Exposed” gallery is a reflection of the inner beauty of folks courageously coping with some of life’s toughest challenges.


Get an eyeful!



Jay R. Cavanaugh, PhD

National Director

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis


Special Judges: Webmaster and Oregon State Director Art Livermore

Master gardener Jim Freire


View the gallery


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