4 Tips to buying the best LED grow light

The LED grow lights have increased in popularity in recent days due to their wide variety of uses. The people who grow cannabis, flowers or even plants indoor have found the LED lights to be very useful because they provide the required light for optimum plant growth and plentiful of yield. The first time buyers find it difficult to choose the best LED to grow because they are simply new to this technology. There are a number of things which one needs to put into consideration when buying the best led grow lights in 2018. There are a few tips to get one started.

1. Type of crop

The first thing that you need to determine is what you plan to grow. The reason for this is because different plants have different light requirement. There are those plants which require high light intensity like herbs and vegetables. It is important to determine the kind of crop and make sure that you understand the light requirement for the plants. Choose the kind of light which is suited for the crop that you intend to grow by knowing their light intensity requirements

2. Size of your space

The size of the grow space that you have will play a crucial role in the choice of light you choose. This is because if your grow space is small then you should purchase small sized lights. Itís important to follow this rule of thumb where for every square foot of growing space you need 32 watts. The size of your grow will also go hand in hand with the kind of crop you have. If you have the crop which requires high-intensity light then in that size you may need to have the high-intensity light for better yield.

3. Type of LED grow light

There are different types of LED grow light and when you are looking to make a purchase you need to determine if the light you get is a phase light or a full cycle light. There are those lights which are suitable for growing plants from seedling to the flowering phase and then from there you have to switch to a different grow light which will serve the crop until maturity. There are also other types of light which are called full cycle lights. These lights are the only which the crop will need from seedling all the way to maturity.

4. Cost of the LED grow light

Cost of the light you are buying is also a very important consideration because the LED grow lights come in different prices. Before you settle on a specific grow light itís highly advisable that you compare prices from different retail stores. This is because the prices are always competitive and in your comparison, you may find a better deal. In considering the price you do not have to compromise quality for price by going for a light which is way too cheap. The most important thing is to work with what you have on your budget.

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Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

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