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June 25th in Los Angeles, CA from 12 noon to 4 pm

The AAMC (American Alliance for Medical Cannabis) and Suburban Noize Recording Artist the Kottonmouth Kings have joined forces for an upcoming demonstration and protest on June 25th in West Los Angeles, CA at the US Federal Building.

The protest is a direct reaction to the recent Supreme Court ruling that prohibits doctors from prescribing medicinal marijuana to terminally ill patients. In a 6-3 decision, the court ruled the federal prosecution of pot users under the federal Controlled Substances Act was constitutional. The closely watched case was an appeal by the Bush administration in a ruling involving two seriously ill California women.

Ten states, including California, have laws allowing marijuana use for medical purposes. California's law, passed in 1996 under Proposition 215, permits people to grow, smoke or obtain marijuana for medical purposes upon the recommendation of a doctor.

The AAMC, founded by the late Dr. Jay Cavanaugh in 2001, provides education, advocacy and awareness about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. The AAMC is comprised of health care professionals, patients, educators, and community members.

California musical act the Kottonmouth Kings, whose latest record debuted #50 on the Billboard Top 200, have been proactive in their support of the legalization of marijuana since the band’s inception in 1995.

”AAMC is putting together this protest to remind the voters that medical cannabis must be kept legal because of what our government’s laws represent. Laws are a reflection of our collective values, spirituality, and morality. How can a nation based upon principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and care of the sick and disabled, possibly ban a medicine whose use harms no one while relieving suffering?” argues Los Angeles Chapter president of AAMC, J.P Mohr. “Marijuana is a beneficial, natural medication that deserves further medical research; research that our federal government won’t allow. The same government that advocates the use of medications like Oxycontin or Adderal, denies Medical Marijuana. There are hundreds of accidental deaths every day from taking these other pharmaceuticals, yet there is not one documented case of toxicity or fatality from cannabis usage.”

”Kottonmouth Kings have always been on the frontlines fighting to make marijuana a legal substance,” says Kottonmouth Kings frontman Brad X. “When we got the call to join the AAMC rally, we jumped at the chance to be a part of the ‘War on Drugs’ by verbalizing our dissatisfaction with the recent Supreme Court Decision.”

AAMC’s J.P Mohr added” The reason we went to a band like the Kottonmouth Kings was to help get the word out to young people about their importance in the act of social reform and political change,” he says. “Kottonmouth Kings have actively been at the forefront of the pro legalization movement. Their fan base is very active and we want a younger presence at the protest so that people will see this issue affects everyone.”

The protest will draw thousands of supporters to the Federal Building in West Los Angeles, CA on June 25th, 2005. Other organizations such as NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws), High Times Magazine and the Southern California Libertarian Party will also be lending their support to the event.

For further information on the upcoming demonstration or for interview availability please contact:


Kottonmouth Kings: James Wright - james@kerosenemedia.com 519.755.6366
Daniel Vega - Suburban Noize Records - (818) 841- 3490


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