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Introducing The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform

Saturday, 05 Aug 2006

By Jon Gettman

The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform (BCR) is now available on-line at DrugScience.org. The premier issue features a poignant tribute to Bob Randall, the first patient to receive legal cannabis from the United States in modern times, by Alice OLeary, co-founder of the groundbreaking Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (ACT). This inspiring story should be of interest to every medical cannabis patient in the United States. The home page for the current issue of the Bulletin of Cannabis Reform is: http://www.drugscience.org/bcr/index.html

BCR is also proud to publish an excerpt from the new book by Arnold Trebach, founder of the Drug Policy Foundation, Fatal Distraction, the War on Drugs in the Age of Islamic Terrorism. Additional features include a detailed analysis of the Roll Call vote in the House of Representatives on the Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical cannabis amendment, including detailed maps of voting by Congressional Districts. This issue also includes the BCR Guide to State Legislative and Congressional Districts and Maps, a comprehensive source on local districting information for voters, students, and political organizers.

DrugScience .org is dedicated to proving detailed presentations focus on the medical science and political science aspects of cannabis use and public policy in the United States. Founded by Jon Gettman as a home for the Cannabis Rescheduling Petition, DrugScience .org contains extensive reference material on marijuana and health, the medical use of cannabis, and other topics concerning scientific research on marijuana and US law. The search engine at DrugScience.org provides access to reviews of hundreds of scientific studies related to marijuana, health, and public policy. DrugScience .org also provides a comprehensive set of research and informational links about marijuana, drug policy, and other aspects of cannabis reform.

The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform will be a public, independent forum. The purpose of the Bulletin of Cannabis Reform is to report on marijuana policy and the efforts to change it but more to the point the purpose of the Bulletin is to circulate and promote new thinking about cannabis reform. An informed public benefits from diverse points of view, and so will the cause of cannabis reform. The goal of the Bulletin is to encourage creative and successful approaches to marijuanas legalization.

For more information, Contact Jon Gettman: gettman@drugscience.org

Distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in
receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.


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