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Greg's Story

My name is Greg. I have HIV, and developed Avascular Necrosis of both femoral heads, necessitating two total hip replacements just last year. I had lost down to 125# @ 5'6", and went from cane, to walker, to wheelchair in the three months before the surgeries. I was also taking Oxycontin, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone for pain due to the collapsing end of my bone & microfractures, as well as taking Promethazine for nausea, along side the three meds specifically for HIV, plus two hormonal meds.

I used medical marijuana long before the onset of the hip pain, and it gave me back some of my weight by allowing me to eat and keep down my HIV meds. But I used much more while I awaited my operations, and then afterwards. After the second operation, marijuana helped wean me off all three of the pain meds within THREE WEEKS of the operation! And I hardly ever need the Promethazine either. I take the occasional Hydrocodone (perhaps one every two weeks) when the pain is more noticeable, but otherwise, pot has given me my life back.

I returned to school this past semester, and got a B+/A- average. Not bad for my first semester back in five years. My classes included two science labs, and a 500-level Master's seminar class (that being one of the two classes I only got B's in). I know not to toke if I'm going to be driving, going to a class, needing to study or write a paper,etc. I own no firearms (nor do I desire to).

I am a responsible man of 35. I finally got Social Security to classify me as disabled, so I can finally focus on college without having to worry about bills, looking to the day when I can become a science teacher, and will then be off disability unless or until I need it again. No public dole glorification here. It's there for those of us who need it, and especially those of us who want to get back to work when we are able.

For me, pot has been responsible for something like 30% of my life's recovery. Goddess bless Mary Jane.


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