5 Benefits to using prescription medication to regulate melatonin and cognitive function in the brain

Though prescription medication can also be addictive, hence easily abused, it can help to enhance brain function, and also protect it. Xanax is a popular medication used to treat panic attacks and anxiety but people abuse the drug. In order to identify the abuse of this drug, there are specific symptoms of xanax use you should watch out for. When someone has behavioral signs that include mood swings, secretive behavior, and antisocial behavior, what do you do? Borrowing money constantly and frequent legal battles are also signs that someone might be abusing Xanax. Physical signs include drowsiness, dry mouth, and nausea among others. But prescription medication if used well has many benefits.

Here are 5 benefits to using prescription medication to regulate melatonin and cognitive function in the brain:

1. Restore brain antioxidant protection

A decline in melatonin is one of the leading causes of most neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging. It is therefore important to take low-cost melatonin supplements to prevent such diseases in old age. Taking melatonin supplements on a regular basis increases its content in the blood and the brain. This reduces oxidative damage in the brain hence one is protected from various neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer.

2. Prevent traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injury is fatal. In case of accidents, head trauma can result to disability or death of the victims. Having higher melatonin levels in the brain can prevent this. It does so by stimulating the growth of damaged tissue and preventing swelling of the brain. In case of head trauma injury, melatonin is administered for faster healing.

3. Prevent and cure migraines

Migraines are triggered by hormonal changes, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep or food among other triggers. There is a prescription medication that is used to cure migraines. It induces sleep and generally cause relaxation of the brain and generally the whole body hence curing any existing pain especially migraine pain.

4. Safer sleeping drugs alternative

Prescription medication that regulates melatonin and cognitive function of the brain may also cure insomnia. Sleeping drugs have side effects that affect a personís life in the long run. They are also easily abused. It is better to take healthy melatonin supplements because they have minimal side effects if any, and also enhance your life in more than one way.

5. Boost the immune system

Since using prescription drugs can boost melatonin which is an antioxidant, this can stimulate the bodyís immune system to respond. Again, melatonin has anti-inflammatory capabilities. Your doctor can advise on the best natural sources of melatonin and also effective drugs that stimulate the production of melatonin. In addition, melatonin can also be used to treat various types of cancer including breast and prostate cancer. As a preventive measure, one should ensure higher levels of melatonin in the blood as this helps to prevent cancer in the first place.

Early supplementation of melatonin is key to improved cognitive brain function. A professional medical practitioner should prescribe the appropriate medication. It should be taken as per prescription and drug abuse should be prohibited. There are mechanisms to help addicts who abuse prescription medication.

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