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Cannabis strains, genetics, indica/sativa content, potency

About two years ago, I started to study plant genetics. I wanted to know what percentage of indica, sativa cross, most of the popular medicinal cannabis strains are.

Not only did I catalog the genetic makeup, but I also researched what the THC content of most strains are. I also have the websites where these strains may be purchased.

Skunk #1 - 25% Afghani, 25% Acapulco Gold, 50% Columbian Gold. That's 25% Indica, 75% Sativa. 18-22% THC

Northern Lights #5 x Haze - also known as electric haze. NL #5 is a pure indica, Haze is pure Jamacian Sativa. It is also the strongest pure Sativa in the world, around 15-20% THC.

For those looking for the boss of all Sativas, reefermanseeds.com has Herijuana that is reputed to have 24% THC.

It has been my experience that stronger is not always better. I have had cannabis so strong that it was impractical. Different strains help different people. I believe there is more at work than just THC, when it comes to effective medicine. This would explain why a wide variety of strains effectively work for the same medical problems. Some people prefer the sativas, some the indicas.

Indica seems to have the strongest body stone. It also grows faster and shorter. A cross with a lower indica percentage than sativa can produce a higher yield of a good sativa.

Pure indicas and indica ruderalis crosses are good for closet crops. They are shorter and do well indoors.

Northern Lights #5 is bred for artificial lights. It is pure indica and finishes under three feet tall. Anything crossed with NL#5 is strong medicine.

A great selection can be obtained at seedsdirect.to. The Nirvana Seed Standard Selection sells for $15.00 for 10 seeds.

In the old school, that is those of us who measure a good high as compared to Hawaiian or Thai, we now have to try these new strains to believe them.

I was fortunate enough to get 10 Nagano Gold seeds from Vancouver Island Seed Co. as a consolation prize for some Black Velvet seeds that didn't turn out. The Nagano is a pure indica. I've never had smoke like that! I wouldn't recommend operating anything more dangerous than a T.V. controller for at least four hours after consumption.

I have never experienced cannabis as strong as we have now. The Thai and Hawaiian that we had in the 70's was only about 7-12% THC and still is. These new strains, such as Nirvana's top 44, are pushing 22% THC. These are much stronger, with Reeferman's Herijuana topping out at 24% THC!

Reeferman Seeds in Canada has very reasonable prices for some very potent strains. They will sell any quantity of seeds from one on up. They do require a $50.00 minimum, but the strains are optimum.

One of the "Super Strains" I keep running across is S.A.G.E.. S.A.G.E. is Sativa Afgani Genetic Equillibrium. Haze crossed with a strong indica that, in this case, is over 20% THC.

Flo is a sativa made from Oregon Purple Thai. S.A.G.E. x Flo is probably the best Sativa I've seen in reviews, and is available at Irish Rose Seeds for $40.00 for 10 seeds.

Some people run into problems with outdoor growing because of our climate. Any indica or sativa crossed with ruderalis will thrive in our climate. The cross between indica and ruderalis will grow through our winters outdoors. They will also flower early, with half of them finishing by age at 90 days regardless of the photoperiod. This is because of the ruderalis. It flowers between the 5th and 7th internode of growth. You could get more than one harvest per year with this variety.

For the people who want the medicine of pure indica for indoor growing, there are several varieties that are related, but vary by potency or yield. White Widow is indica x sativa, but indica dominant with around 20% THC. White Rhino is related, with 15-18% THC, but a higher yield. K2, Snow White, Big Bud, Misty... there are many related strains. Northern Lights and it's variants are all very strong medicine.

If anyone has a question I can help with, my email is Charly Stix: charlystix@outgun.com


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