Top Cannabis Products of 2019

All marijuana and cannabis products have been more than just popular in 2019. With a couple of new laws that made trying such products a lot easier and with an overall acceptance when it comes to these products, the cannabis market experienced quite a boom last year!

Most people believe that 2019 was one of the most significant years for the cannabis industry - and, because of that, we also saw a plethora of new products on the shelves.

Therefore, in the following lines, we'll take a look at the top cannabis- and marijuana-based products of 2019 - from CBD oil to vape oils and so on!

The Gummies

Edibles got more and more popular throughout the year - in 2018; for example, the sales of cannabis edibles reached over one billion dollars. Moreover, it is believed that this particular type of edibles will be worth more than four billion dollars by 2022.

Edible gummies are one of the top products of 2019, mainly because the sales of infused gummies went up 43% for Valentine's Day - in Colorado -, compared with the sales from 2018.

On top of that, there's also been a live stream of the Utah state senator taking infused gummies for the first time!

The Vapes

In 2019, vapes were the most popular method of concentrate ingestion in California. Concentrates were sold more than flowers in that particular region, for the first time ever!

Statistics show that vape sales grew by 80% in Oregon and 69% in California. On top of that, first-quarter data for 2019 showed that CBD vape sales rose 105.5% - mainly because consumers went for a cleaner and more convenient experience.

The Chocolate

Chocolate may no longer be the most popular type of marijuana-infused edible, but it is still one of the top cannabis products - mainly due to the surge in CBD chocolates.

For example, while chocolate edible sales increased only 166% between 2017-2018, the sales for CBD chocolate increased 530% in the same period of time!

Even though the market of CBD chocolate is a lot smaller than the market of infused chocolate, it's still quite big and constantly growing. Naturally, it's a good sign seeing both infused and CBD products making a name for themselves on the market.

The CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures were very popular last year mainly because they can be added to almost any food or drink, as well as taken by themselves. They are a classification under CBD oil and, as expected, are highly versatile - an aspect that made them the to-go product of many cannabis/ marijuana enthusiasts.

The CBD market is expected to be worth over 22 billion dollars in 2022, especially as 2019 was such a big year for CBD, given the Farm Bill that made the extraction of CBD from hemp federally legal.

The Bottom Line

Now, if you want to get into the world of cannabis/ marijuana products, you know exactly where you should start. If you want something to improve your health, then we strongly recommend CBD products.

On the other hand, if you want to chill a bit, unwind, and relax, then you probably already know that infused products are the best for that.

Overall, no matter the top products of 2019, it is clear that the industry won't stop growing anytime soon!


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