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California Ruling Stands, Backing Growers Of Medicinal Pot - Plaintiffs will seek damages and attorneys' fees from the county (September 2009)
People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida - collecting signatures to change Florida's constitution (August 2009)
Risk of head and neck cancer reduced in cannabis users in large epidemiological study - Liang C, (Cancer Prev Res ) (28 July 2009)
Medicinal use of cannabis in the United States: Historical perspectives, current trends, and future directions - Sunil K. Aggarwal, (Journal of Opioid Management 5:3 153-168) (May/June 2009)
Court reaffirms that medical marijuana patients enjoy the same constitutional rights as everyone else - Terry Vau Dell (, CA) (3 July 2009)
Melissa Etheridge: Medical marijuana should be legal - CNN (16 June 2009)
U.S. Supreme Court rejects Prop. 215 challenge - Bob Egelko (San Francisco Chronicle, CA) (19 May 2009)
Why I Give My 9-year-old Pot - Marie Myung-Ok Lee (Washington Post Digital) (11 May 2009)
Mayor to attend rally for medical marijuana - Kitty Piercy also proclaims Awareness Week in Eugene - Jack Moran (The Register-Guard, OR) (30 April 2009)
New biologically active compounds from cannabis - Yun Xie (Journal of Natural Products) (7 April 2009)
The Politics and Science of Medical Marijuana - Donald Abrams, M.D., Robert DuPont, M.D., Rob Kampia, Tim Lynch (Cato Institute) (17 March 2009)
Medical Marijuana Has Come of Age - Paul Armentano ( (17 March 2009)
This Changes Everything - Cannabidiol Now! - Fred Gardner ( (13 March 2009)
White House moves to revisit the medicinal marijuana issue - Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune, IL) (11 March 2009)
The Manhattan Project of Marijuana - David Downs (East Bay Express, CA) (4 March 2009)
Medical Marijuana and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Dorsett Bennett ( (2 March 2009)
Granny's cannabis skin ointment really did work - Ernest Gill (eNews 2.0) (25 June 2007)
U.S. to yield marijuana jurisdiction to states - Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer (San Francisco Chronicle, CA) (27 February 2009)
Cannabis use inversely related to risk of injury - BMC Public Health - Gerhard Gmel, Herve Kuendig, Jurgen Rehm, Nicolas Schreyer and Jean-Bernard Daeppen (29 January 2009)
Medical Marijuana Advocates Urge New Attorney General to End DEA Raids - Americans for Safe Access (3 February 2009)
Local Nurse Brings the Medicinal Cannabis Fight to the Feds - Marisa Demarco (15 January 2009)
DEA Rejects Judge’s Ruling, Quashes Medical Marijuana Research Project - Bruce Mirken, Marijuana Policy Project (12 January 2009)
Sanjay Gupta: What the Next Surgeon General Doesn't Know About Pot - Russ Belville, NORML (8 January 2009)
DEA denied Carl Olsen's marijuana rescheduling request - Drug Enforcement Administration (19 December 2008)
Federal Law Does Not Trump State Laws on Medical Marijuana - Steve Kubby (DrugSense Weekly - DSW) (12 December 2008)
2700-year-old grave of a Caucasoid shaman whose accoutrements included a large cache of cannabis - Ethan B. Russo, (Journal of Experimental Botany) (Vol. 59:15 4171-4182, 2008)
High Expectations - Research into medicinal marijuana grows up - Amanda Schaffer (Slate Magazine) (6 November 2008)
Michigan Voters Pass Proposal 1, Support Letting Severely Ill Grow Own Pot - Dawson Bell (Detroit Free Press, MI) (5 November 2008)
Supreme Court Denies Review of Medical Pot Law - Bob Egelko (San Francisco Chronicle, CA) (17 October 2008)
Judge Says Feds Violated 10th Amendment by Subverting State Marijuana Laws - Dave Stancliff (Times-Standard - Eureka, CA) (14 September 2008)
Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa: A Structure-Activity Study - Appendino, G. (J. Nat. Prod., 2008, 71(8), pp 1427–1430) (8 September 2008)
Federal war on medical pot challenged - Bob Egelko (San Francisco Chronicle) (21 August 2008)
California's pot law upheld in appeals court - Bob Egelko (San Francisco Chronicle) (1 August 2008)
Oregon Court of Appeals protects medical marijuana - William McCall (The Assosiated Press) (11 June 2008)
Tonya Davis Pleads For Change as Ohio Launches Medical Marijuana Plan - Jim Otte, Reporter - (OH) (21 May 2008)
Powerful Congressman Challenges DEA Tactics - US House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) (DC) (29 Apr 2008)
Congressman Barney Frank introduces legislation to remove federal penalties on the personal use of marijuana
Barney Frank - Congressman, 4th District, Massachusetts (17 Apr 2008)
Mainstream Medicine Has Endorsed Medical Marijuana - Dr. Jocelyn Elders - AlterNet (US Web) (27 Mar 2008)
County errs in ignoring medical marijuana ID law - Ryan Landers and F. Aaron Smith - Sacramento Bee (CA) (28 Mar 2008)
Pair Get Prison in Pot Case - Denny Walsh - Sacramento Bee (CA) (20 Mar 2008)
The American College of Physicians calls on the government to drop marijuana from Schedule I - Eric Bailey - Los Angeles Times (CA) (15 Feb 2008)
Cannabis medicine has re-entered mainstream medical practice - Arthur Livermore - The Sunday Oregonian (OR)
(10 Feb 2008)
APA Awards Unanimous Support for Medical Marijuana - Isabelle Duerme - AHN News Writer (DC) (8 Nov 2007)
A Medical Marijuana Casualty - Tom Daubert - Helena Independent Record (MT) (30 Oct 2007)
Ruling protects pot patients - Anne Saker - The Oregonian (OR) (6 Sept 2007)
Medical Marijuana Medical Conditions - Dr. Phillip Leveque - (OR) (3 July 2007)
Cannabis Has "Clear Medical Benefits" For HIV Patients - Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS) (New York, NY) (28 June 2007)
Cannabis helps treat allergic reactions - New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) (11 June 2007)
Editorial: Ending the Marijuana Monopoly - Los Angeles Times (CA) (31 May 2007)
In Memoriam: Tod Mikuriya
Pioneering researcher on marijuana and cannabis therapeutics dies at 73

David F. Duncan, DrPH, FAAHB (5 May 2007)
Marijuana As Wonder Drug - Lester Grinspoon - Boston Globe (MA) (1 Mar 2007)
Cannabis Effectively Relieves HIV Sensory Neuropathy - Caroline Cassels - Medscape Medical News (20 Feb 2007)
Let Them Have Their Pot - Manuel S. Klausner - Los Angeles Times (CA) (26 Jan 2007)
US marijuana laws clamping the lid on pot research - Brian Vastag - Nature Medicine - 12, 1335 (29 Nov 2006)
Marijuana's Active Ingredient Shown to Inhibit Primary Marker of Alzheimer's Disease - Molecular Pharmaceutics - American Chemical Society (9 Aug 2006)
The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform (BCR) - Jon Gettman - (5 Aug 2006)
Cannabis treats Rheumatoid Arthritis - Rheumatology - British Society for Rheumatology (9 Nov 2005)
Marijuana May Spur New Brain Cells - Steve Mitchell - United Press International (13 Oct 2005)
Cannabis Significantly Reduces Central Neuropathic Pain in People with Multiple Sclerosis - Dr Carolyn Young - Neurology (27 Sept 2005)
Medical Marijuana and the Supreme Court - Susan Okie, M.D. - The New England Journal of Medicine (18 Aug 2005)
AAMC presents video highlights of news and events about medical marijuana. - AAMC (10 Aug 2005)
Support Needed For Dale Schafer And Mollie Fry - Fry-Schafer Legal Defense Committee (18 July 2005)
Interview with Dr. Lester Grinspoon - Cannabis Health Journal (July/Aug 2005)
Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer - Fred Gardner - CounterPunch (US Web) (2 July 2005)
Protest Supreme Court Ruling on Medicinal Marijuana
- June 25, 2005
- (Los Angeles, CA) (20 June 2005)
Attorney General Lockyer Issues Statement On
US Supreme Court's Medical Marijuana Ruling
- (Sacramento, CA) (6 June 2005)

Letter from Dave Bishop, National Director - June, 2005

Cannabis Use in Adolescence: Self-Medication for Anxiety - Tom O’Connell, M.D. - California Cannabis Research Medical Group (CA) (1 Apr 2005)
Marijuana Slows Alzheimer's Decline - Jerusalem Post (Israel) (24 Feb 2005)
Patients, Doctors, Supporters Head to Washington - Drug War Chronicle (US Web) (24 Sept 2004)
on Saturday, October 2nd to demand that the Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ) reschedule marijuana.
Montel Williams - Marijuana: Illegal Drug or Medical Treatment - RealPlayer video (21 Sept 2004)
Montel Williams interviews patients who use medical marijuana.
Marijuana-Like Chemicals in the Brain Calm Neurons, Say Stanford Researchers - David Prince, MD (15 Sept 2004)
A Roster of San Francisco's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Ethan Goldwater - San Francisco Bay Guardian, The (CA) (9 June 2004)
Dr. Weil's Rx: Honor Complexity - Fred Gardner - Anderson Valley Advertiser (CA) (19 May 2004)
Santa Cruz group wins court OK to grow pot
Ruling allows medical marijuana distribution
- Maria Alicia Gaura - San Francisco Chronicle (CA) (Thur, 22 April 2004)
Cannabis 'Scrips to Calm Kids? - Kelley Beaucar Vlahos - (US) (Tue, 20 April 2004)
Medical Marijuana and Its Witless Enemies - Steve Chapman - Chicago Tribune (IL) (Sun, 29 Feb 2004)
Court Allows Medicinal Use of Marijuana - Dean E. Murphy - New York Times (NY) (February 27, 2004)
The Cannabis Conundrum - Bill Breen - Fast Company (US) (Feb 2004, page 82)
Montel Williams on his use of Medical Marijuana - Pot-TV (13 Jan 2004)
The Demise Of J. Cannabis Therapeutics - Fred Gardner - Anderson Valley Advertiser (CA) (5 Nov 2003)
Memorandum of the history, toxicity and usefulness of cannabis - Lester Grinspoon M.D. - Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts) (Oct 2003)
The Supreme Court said Tuesday it would not involve itself in a debate over whether doctors can talk to patients about medical marijuana.

RealAudio: Gwen Ifill gets two perspectives on the controversial decision from Rob Kampia, director of the Marijuana Policy Project, and Dr. Andrea Barthwell, deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.
- Gwen Ifill - The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer) (14 Oct 2003)
Cannabis Treats Seizures - Robert J. DeLorenzo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. - VCU Department of Neurology (Virginia) (30 Sep 2003)
Cannabis and Pain Management - Ethan Russo, MD - Cannabis Health (Canada) (1 Sep 2003)
UCSF Study Finds No Harm to HIV+ Patients with Short-Term Medical Cannabis - Annals of Internal Medicine (18 August 2003)
The Shifting Medical View on Marijuana - Dr. Lester Grinspoon - Boston Globe (MA) (17 August 2003)
An Update from Geoffrey Guy - Fred Gardner - Anderson Valley Advertiser (CA) (16 July 2003)

Montel Williams on his use of Medical Marijuana
Montel Williams has Multiple Sclerosis and uses medical marijuana to treat his disease.

Ventura couple gets burned in crossfire between state and federal medical marijuana laws - Dean Kuipers - Ventura County Reporter (CA) (28 June 2003)
Cannabis Reform and Public Opinion - Jon Gettman (15 May 2003)
Rescheduling, American Values, And Cannabis Reform - Jon Gettman (15 May 2003)
MS, Marijuana and Me - Alison Myrden has Multiple Sclerosis. Her condition causes her constant pain, bladder problems and leg spasms. The drugs prescribed for her condition render her comatose. Instead, Alison chooses medical marijuana. Come spend a day with her and find out why., CBC (16 June 2003)
The Straight Dope on Marijuana Pharmaceuticals - Mari Kane, AlterNet (23 May 2003)
James O'Brien interviews Dr Jay Cavanaugh - ABC New South Wales (Australia) (22 May 2003) Play Audio in RealPlayer
Dr. Leveque Soldiers On - Fred Gardner - Anderson Valley Advertiser (CA) (14 May 2003)
Interview of San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan and Dr. Thomas J. O'Connell - Pacifica Radio: KPFT, Houston, TX (9 May 2003)
SAMM Medical Marijuana Update - Doc Knapp & Mary Pat Jacobs (1 May 2003)
DEA Accepts Rescheduling Petition - Jon Gettman (15 April 2003)
DEA: Blinded by the Light - Jon Gettman (4 March 2003)
OMMA2 Initiative filed to improve Oregon's medical marijuana law - A Life with Dignity Committee (OR) (21 Feb 2003)
SB 420, as introduced, Senator Vasconcellos. Medical marijuana. - BILL TEXT (CA) (20 Feb 2003)
In Calif., Medical Marijuana Collective Loses Hope, Patients State Law Provides No Shelter From DEA - Washington Post (DC) (7 Feb 2003)
Medical Marijuana: Blind Injustice - San Jose Mercury News (CA) (6 Feb 2003)
New Maryland Governor Supports Medical Marijuana - The Gazette (MD) (22 Jan 2003)
Everybody's High - Boulder Weekly (CO) (1 Feb 2003)
Medical Cannabis Reduces the Need for Prescribed Narcotics and Sedatives - (January 27, 2003)
A Canny Christmas Story - (December, 2002)
Sebastopol Resolution Backs Medical Cannabis and Ends Cooperation with the DEA - (November 20, 2002)
AAMC adds State Directors for West Virginia and Colorado
Terence Hallinan: Medical Marijuana: Feds should stop their attack, listen to people
For the Sake of the Children

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